MPR was set up in 2012 in Trento (Italy) by international investors, with the aim to create an excellent site to research and develop technologies for oil well anticorrosion protection. The Majorpack technology, developed in Russia by MPR for the protection of oil-well tubing, became in few years the benchmark thanks to the excellence of its technological solutions and to the great performances of its manufacturing system. In 2016 a new facility was established in Trento for the design and the production of the equipment for tubing treatment and handling.

MPR is made of experts, working on the process that leads a machine project from design to engineering and from production to on-time delivery also complying with to Customers specifications. Innovation, new technologies, process optimization, motion control are part of our DNA.

We study, design, manufacture new equipment and we automate existing process.

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Protection Technologies

Particularly industrial equipment for tubing treatment, including heating, painting, cleaning and accessories technologies with integrated and automatized solutions; an extensive experience gained on the field.

Factory Layout

Design of the factory layout with its plant and production process that best perform the business.

Equipment design and engineering

We like to study, to produce and to improve our ideas, we follow and guarantee our solutions. We like to test new and innovative concepts, find new ideas that open new visions.

Machinery production

Our machines are fully produced by our company and by our selected partners in Italy.

Quality and excellence

Our team is made of selected resources, means and partners, that share our views and give their contribute to the excellence of the company.

Smart work

In our team smart is not only a nice word but also a way of working that defines our approach to build an efficient and integrated factory.